Hosted Services/Cloud Computing

2012-05-02: Hosted Services/Cloud Computing

TSI Group's server hosting offerings are in heavy demand and undergoing enormous growth as clients move to harness the potential of "cloud" services.

"We are really noticing increased interest in cloud based services, hosting and software as a service (SAAS). Clients definitely value the peace of mind provided when our systems and our technicians take care of ensuring systems are always online and available from any location - as well as not having to worry about backups, disaster recovery and the like", says TSI sales director Paul Wilkinson.

TSI's server hosting facilities are being upgraded and expanded to cope with the growth. According to Wilkinson, TSI has always been able to run its data centre indefinitely with emergency power generation facilities, but disaster recovery and security are increasingly seen as critical. "One of the advantages of our recent additions of Sydney and Christchurch offices is that it naturally extends our ability to have a mixture of backups and fail safe procedures that are geographically spread but also within our own operational control and with our own staff on site at each location."

"When we give customers the "all up" hosted pricing, and in some cases real savings of 35% and more have been achieved for a superior service it isn't usually a hard sale", says Wilkinson adding, " When other benefits such as never having to remember to take another tape backup home are added in, it often becomes a no brainer."


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