TSI saves clients over $8M

2011-10-20: Over $8M saved

TSI Group, through its software companies SAM Computer Systems and Systime Automotive Solutions is saving clients a combined $8 Million a year in stationery, printing and postage costs.

At an estimated $1.50 per average piece of mail (all costs included), TSI Group Business Development Manager Paul Wilkinson reports that already TSI Group is contributing over $8M dollars of direct cost savings to its 3000 clients every year.

"For several years we have been actively incorporating software functionality to enable our clients to use various electronic technologies to communicate with their customers and suppliers", says Wilkinson, "For example we anticipated the growing use of SMS over 6 years years ago and built our own SMS infrastructure so we don't have to rely on third party providers."

"Using electronic communications for marketing, administration and other business requirements firstly has the potential to save a huge amount of money, and secondly benefits the environment because every time an email or SMS replaces a letter, stationery is not being used and the transport costs of mail and transport are eliminated."

“With 2500 workshop customers and 500 dealership customers worldwide we are seeing the usage of electronic communications of all kinds on the rise. "

“It has become almost more important in today’s business environment to get a valid email address from a new client than their physical address”.

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