TSI turns 30

2010-03-16: TSI turns 30

TSI Group recently celebrated reaching the milestone of 30 years serving New Zealand businesses.

It all started in 1980 when owner Dave Hendl formed Systime Computer Company and became the New Zealand agent for MIDAS, the software Dealership Management System that would revolutionise the automotive industry. Eventually MIDAS peaked in 2000 with over 40% of the market and nearly 70% of all new cars being sold in a Systime client system.

"At that time we were effectively the IT department for most of our clients, providing hardware, software, consultancy and communications", says Hendl, "But with growth, acquisitions of other companies and market segmentation, we have now diversified into three separate companies that service different parts of the market".

"I started on my own 30 years ago. Now we have over 50 staff and clients in 7 countries and the specialist software systems we develop have had to become even more specialised as our users demand more and more from their IT systems."

Reflecting on changes over three decades, Hendl says most of the change is around how integral software and computing have become in every business. "Look at the hardware and networking sector - things are much more competitive nowadays. Clients can buy their computers from a retail chain store so we have to work very hard to keep delivering the added value that keeps customers loyal and happy and we have to work with smaller margins so our volumes and efficiencies need to be far better these days."

Hendl is now semi-retired and enjoying the fruits of his hard work over many years. "I have a crop of younger managers leading the operation now. I'm still actively involved but my work/life balance is much more life than work now."


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