Direct Access to Motor Vehicle Register Data

2011-02-01: Direct Access to Motor Vehicle Register Data

Innovative development has seen TSI Group's software companies SAM Computer Systems (SAM) and Systime Automotive Solutions (SAS) build integrated access to Motor Vehicle Register data right into their systems databases.

According to TSI Business Development Manager Paul Wilkinson, users of SAM and SAS systems can now access motor vehicle information, owner confirmation and even finance encumbrance information using just registration number or VIN.

"We built our own server infrastructure to handle the connections", says Wilkinson, "And with our partner Carjam, we are now providing the first and only truly integrated business software system available in the automitive market........and providing this for a fraction of the cost of the same information via other sources."

Wilkinson reports that hundreds of TSI's 2500 business clients are already on the service and others join up virtually every day. "One day last month alone we signed up 19 clients." "Already we are processing several thousand data searches per month and this is steadily growing as we add new clients and existing clients find more ways of using the data." 

Wilkinson says benefits are not restricted to cost savings, time savings and convenience adding, "Accuracy is also hugely improved once people aren't having to copy data from one screen or report into the system. In one case we identified and corrected over 300 VIN numbers on new vehicles that had been incorrectly entered by a manufacturer. This represents a saving of literally thousands of dollars in lost time and wasted resource that would have occurred later."

Sample Report Screen

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