NZTE Marketing Grant extended

2011-01-20: NZTE Marketing Grant extended

TSI Group General Manager Darryn Crothall reports that SAM's NZTE Marketing grant covers costs associated with marketing, demonstrating and presenting in international markets.

"We are pleased to be able to report that we have been granted the NZTE financial assistance for another term", says Crothall. "Each year we provide NZTE with a comprehensive report of our activities undertaken as well as a plan for the next year, so we have had to prove the effectiveness of our marketing at every stage. It's always gratifying to have the endorsement of NZTE that we are on the right track."

Crothall says that SAM is now entering the final year in which SAM is eligible for the marketing grant and a review will be conducted later to decide what grants SAM may be entitled to apply for in 2012 and beyond and even if further government support will be necessary. "It may be the case that we can go it alone from here on, and if we can we certainly will", says Crothall.

The grants have enabled the establishment of beachheads in 11 countries to date, with Crothall predicting up to 6 more countries being added in 2011.

The NZTE grant provides for up to $100,000 of marketing support for up to consecutive 5 years.

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