Secure Information Guarantee-updated

2011-12-08: TSI Data Removal service enters 3rd year

TSI Secure Information Guarantee

Since its inception in October 2009, all personal computers, notebooks and servers sold or seviced by by TSI Group will have carried Recycling Guarantee labels. At their end of life, these are returned to TSI for guaranteed safe deletion - including removal of all data from hard drives and other storage devices.

TSI operations manager Kayleen Currie reports that there is a constant flow of old equipment being processed through the TSI engineering division to recycling.

"Everyone is aware of cases of old business equipment getting into the wrong hands. What we do is make clients' data physically irretrievable so there is no risk of unauthorised access whatsoever."

Currie says the Secure Information Guarantee service originally came about at the request of customers.

"We already directly support most of our clients' software business systems, so the trust relationship with regard to their private data and intellectual property already exists. It makes sense that we are involved in ensuring that data is removed safely and permanently."

Like the TSI hardware recycling service, the secure information data removal is free and offered on all computer hardware and accessories sold by TSI Group.

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