Synergy Business Solutions joins TSI Group

2012-02-22: Synergy Business Solutions joins TSI Group

TSI Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of Synergy Business Solutions.

The Christchurch-based Synergy operation – including all staff - will become an operational arm of TSI Group company SAM Computer Systems Ltd.

TSI Group general manager Darryn Crothall says that both SAM and Synergy have been active in the small automotive business market since the early 1990s.

“Synergy has developed a number of specialist areas within the market that are complementary to SAM’s software products. We see Synergy having a very bright future, especially with SAM’s wider market reach which now includes Australia, the Pacific and Asia.”

Outgoing Synergy CEO Hayley Bryan says the decision to sell Synergy at this point has been made primarily in the best interests of staff and clients.

“Obviously, Synergy has a great deal of potential that will be easier realised in a larger operation. However, it’s been critically important to me that it is the right organisation.

TSI Group is in its 32nd year of operation, with clients spanning the entire automotive industry from vehicle manufacturers and New Zealand’s largest franchised dealer groups to the smallest automotive workshops.

Synergy Business Solutions and all TSI companies have been enjoying strong growth over the past 12-18 months. With Synergy included, TSI Group’s total installed base will grow to almost 3000 clients and 9000 users (approximately 1000 of these being outside New Zealand).

In addition to automotive workshops, Synergy has a strong existing portfolio of retail point of sale, service station and other business clients.

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