7% New User Growth Across TSI Group

2013-05-14: 7% New User Growth Across TSI Group

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TSI Group general manager Darryn Crothall announced today that the group has experienced very strong growth in all areas in the year to March 2013 and is now expecting to reach the 10,000 user mark around the end of 2013.

“Our primary measure of growth is our user count, and we have seen growth of over 600 new users which represents an almost 7% net increase in the past 12 months. Also, this does not include the steady flow of users being upgraded from our older systems to current products.”

“In addition to net growth in all areas, these days we also have expanded offerings which means we are delivering more and more options and services to each user with time, simultaneously increasing our per-user revenue while significantly decreasing costs for our clients. Chief among the examples of these service is our server hosting and software-as-a-service model. In the last 10 months or so over 50 client sites have moved to being fully hosted by TSI.”

According to Crothall, TSI expects to add 750-800 new users in the 2013/14 year and then accelerate this to a target of 1000+ new users each year as the Australian arm of the group starts to make headway.

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